I love working with Twyla Tharp. When she told me to check my schedule because I would be doing the costumes for the Royal Danish Ballet Company’s adaptation of her Frank Sinatra tribute, Come Fly Away, I thought she was taking too big a risk. She pointed me in a direction by showing me styles from past and present NK collections that fit her vision. From there it was just pure fun. To me, Twyla is an American treasure, a real genius pioneer, and innovator of dance. She is always ahead of the curve and is thinking about exploration all the time. I love that and I love Frank Sinatra.

I remember my mom dancing around the house to his music and rolling my eyes as I was singing the Beatles and the Stones; yes I was rare, I love both. Finally I believe it was in the 80's, Frank was at Radio City and I got a ticket for myself. I had this amazing seat right on the aisle near the center front. I was convinced he was singing directly to me and no one else! I already had sort of a crush on Dean Martin, but Frank Sinatra rocked my world! It was then that I understood why my mother and so many women from several generations had a crush on him. I knew exactly why Twyla was inspired to do this romantic and quite sexy dance.

My sketches all come to life on stage, including the hair and the shoes! Oh yeah, and the dancers in this ballet company have to be some of the most gorgeous men and women in the world. They dance Twyla's choreography with style and personality as actors telling this beautiful story. What an honor to be a part of Twyla's world.



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