Walking around in the city I have noticed that in addition to a killer pair of heels and signature hand bag, one of the biggest trends for New Yorkers is an adorable pup by their side. For the longest time I have been resisting the urge to adopt a furry friend of my own. As luck would have it, one of my friends was searching for an occasional sitter for her fun-loving Frenchie Chloe—of course I jumped at the opportunity. Every few weeks I get to have Chloe stay with me for a few days at a time.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a companion like this? She is truly the best, I am almost convinced she is more like a person than a dog. Despite missing the wee wee pad a few times and accidently leaving a little surprise in the bathroom (my barefoot roommate didn’t find this very funny at the time) she is completely content hanging out with at home watching a movie or listening to music. She barely makes a sound and her favorite spot is right by your side. You can’t help but laugh when you see her, she spreads her positivity to everyone she meets and always has a permanent smile on her face.

Chloe also loves taking long walks and exploring. Unlike the prissy poodles and Chihuahuas with rhinestone collars, Chloe prefers a more laid back look. Like any fashionable New Yorker, she has a sick street style in her fur collar parka (coordinates perfectly with my NK Camo Sleeping Bag Coat!) and American Apparel hoodie. She always gets a lot of compliments and loves the attention.

One day I would love to have a dog of my own, I think finding one as well behaved and happy as Chloe will be a challenge. Until then I love the time that I get to spend with this little cuddler. If you are considering getting a dog of your own I would definitely suggest trying a similar arrangement with a friend who is looking for help with their dog. It is the perfect opportunity to experience the responsibility involved in caring for a pet. You will also learn the truth behind the saying “man’s best friend.”


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