Zeke is a 7 year old smooth haired piebald Dachshund from Louisiana.

I saw his photo on the website of a prominent breeder of minis and fell in love. He was delivered December 22, 7 years ago, in the freezing cold at the Continental Airlines pet pick up area. I fell in love immediately. He comes to work every day and has a different relationship with everyone in the company.

Zeke sits by an assortment of people throughout the day, and likes to participate in everything that is going on. Fittings mean his toy needs to be at the fitting. He places is at the base of the fit forms or on your feet if you are fitting the garment.

Zeke has developed his own skill set. He has the ability to open any zipper, of any bag purse, or satchel, and does so methodically and quickly. If there is food, lip balm or candy in your bag, it means you must put it up high because he will extract it before you notice it is happening.

Money is another big interest of Zeke’s. He can pull bills from a wallet and for some reason not destroy them. He can gather jewelry and money as well. It appears as if he was trained to do this because it is so skillfully done, and he never takes mine! Embarrassing.

He loves Dachshunds. When we walk he instantly identifies them, and is very excited with his tail high in the air wagging away.

Female Dachshunds are of special interest, and we’ve had a few here at work through the years. He may be a little over bearing for example; kiss and lick them constantly.

At home, he will take his blanket and his favorite teddy bear toy and lay down next to where the action is. He puts his head on the teddy and snuggles up in a circle donut shape on his fluffy blanket. He lets out a big sigh and wiggles his body into the blanket.

I look at him and can’t help but give him a big hug and a kiss goodnight.

I love my dog Zeke and I love dog stories please share yours and a photo so we can post them and make people smile.


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