This fun graphic was given to me as a gift and great to share a look at the past but I prefer the future.

The interesting thing about this graphic is that it includes some of the memorable styles I’ve done through the years. Some memorable photos and maybe forgettable photos of me through the years.
While i think the thought that went into this was amazing, on a personal note, looking back is never as exciting as looking forward.

This is clearly the most exciting period of all the decades that I can remember. The opportunities are global and we can reach so many people to communicate big profound thoughts.
My only concern is we are caught in a face book world and there is more interest in a circle of friends who share likes, conversation, and photos, but it is insular rather than expansive.
The stimulation of thinking that begins with family, then neighborhood, then city, state, country, the world and the outer world we must explore.

I think the dialogue about what people are wearing, and the celebrity culture, movies, clothing, and parties is all fun and important to pop culture. I hope we can find a way to use our devices and social media for more like changing the world.. Let’s not be complacent. let’s use the opportunity to build a global communication. Hopefully our similarities will become more powerful than our differences and that will then be the base we build friendships and relationships that become personal and caring.
This seems like the perfect time to live outside of the box of friends we text and email everyday.


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