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cook book

cook book

NORMA KAMALI   Fashion Designer

You came into our mind first working on this special project because you are a fashion designer who has a very healthy life style with healthy diet.
I live a life of creating fantasy about fashion. Whatever we feel inside reflects our appearance. No matter how beautiful the dress you have on, it cannot make the person herself more beautiful. Beauty comes from what you put inside your body, basically what you eat.

What’s your selection today?
I want to share what a great dish one can create using just 3 ingredients: Strawberry, Mint & Coconut. People say that there’s nothing to eat in your diet. But look at this fruit salad. It’s a fantastic dessert especially in the summer. I never said, “I’ll never have pizza until I die!” I don’t have any craving for it and don’t feel like it.

The color combination is really beautiful.
Last night, I had cauliflower wtih turmeric which has beautiful orange color. It’s healthy for you and has sharp & spicy taste. It’s fantastic with sea salt, olive oil and lemon. My apartment is very similar to this Wellness Café and goes well with the colors of the fresh ingredients. I’ll have pink salmon with green vegetables & orange cauliflower for dinner tonight.

What’s your normal diet/menu?
It’s very simple. Vegetables & juice and fish twice a week. I normally have raw food that’s not processed besides fish. I had no idea that I’ll not eat bread any more.

What made you start this simple diet?
I didn’t feel that great whenever I ate meat from when I was young. We had meat for dinner every night at home and I often got sick. So, I researched what to eat and found out about macrobiotic diet and raw food. It’s been 20 years since I stopped eating meat. So, I can no longer eat ay food w/brown color.

Please explain to us about your olive oil collection that’s displayed at the café.
Olive oil is the most amazing ingredient. It cleans the stomach and kidney, the leaves can be used as supplement and if you add it in the soup, it can increase your immune system. If you visit the olive fields, one can find all kinds of recipes for home cooking using olive oil. That’s probably why my mother fed me a spoonful of olive oil every day.



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