Etta James is an original, timeless, American classic. Her voice effortlessly sings and emotes emotion that come deep from within her personal life psyche.

She touches everyone with the way she tells the story with the fluid sounds she creates to express a feeling, and the power to change your state of mind. The result is a captive audience and for sure, like me, long time fans.

I met Etta in 1993 when I was doing a fashion show at the tents. It turned out that when I started researching music for the show that every Etta James song I heard was perfect for the show. In fact, we did the entire show of Etta James songs. I remember her voice from the early sixties especially a song called “Dance With me Henry.” I tried to sing just like her and absolutely loved the sound of her voice. Here I was so many years later connecting that song, and that voice to all of her beautiful music that we would be using for the show.

I contacted Etta’s manager to invite her to the fashion show. She lives in LA and was planning to come to New York a month later, so they in turn invited me to her performance at Irving Plaza.

I met Etta after her show and felt so connected to her. We stayed in touch and she asked me to do some clothes for her and every time she came to NYC I met with her and saw her shows.

I believe in my heart, that Etta holds a treasure that can not be recreated or duplicated ever again. Her voice, her sound, her energy and the life experience that is uniquely Etta is one of a kind and absolute magic.

Etta is an original timeless American classic, and I truly love you Etta James

- Norma Kamali

Some of my favorite Etta James songs: At Last, Tell Mama, Breaking up Somebody’s Home, Damn Those Eyes, How Strong is a Woman

Favorite Album:
Seven Year Itch

Etta James, who is terminally ill and battling leukemia, has been released from the hospital on Thursday, Reuters reports. The 73-year-old singer, best known for her song "At Last," was transported to her Riverside, California home and is currently there resting.

James was taken to the hospital in December after having trouble breathing. She has been in failing health for the past several years and also suffers from dementia.

James has an 11-track album out called The Dreamer that was released in November 2011.


So much of our personal history is other peoples memories of us. Friends and family who have shared experiences that were markers in your life can tell a story about you and that is part of your history. This starts quite early and these become the bonds we have that in some odd way define us.

I was thinking that when there is a separation from mates, friends and family it is almost like missing a part of who you were and in fact who you are. Even though we change and are different people from decade to decade we still have a piece of our personal history connected to someone else’s existence.

Situations like divorce can end an on going relationship but they can’t erase the history between two people. There are so many divorces these days and the truth is no matter the reason, personal history still exists with that other person.

When my dear friend Robert died not long ago, I realized a part of my personal history died with him. When my mother died, my personal history tied to being no longer the daughter was a profound life changer.

So, I was thinking more and more that every day we create personal history. We do it with mates, partners, family, friends, and coworkers. I think it is good to keep in mind that your personal history lives within the people around you.

You are a witness to someone else’s history everyday as they are to yours.

What are you thoughts about personal history and its existence in other people until they are gone and a part of your history is gone with them?


It should come as no surprise to learn that one-time macrobiotic diet enthusiast Gwyneth Paltrow slugs back bottles of Organic Avenue juice. But when, say, 41-year-old David Balutanski, a 190-pound, 6-foot New Yorker, starts chugging fresh-pressed veggie and fruit juices several times a day, we know the trend, which often promotes weight loss and rejuvenation, is spiking.

“I’m a straight guy, and this cleansing thing is seen as so feminine,” says Balutanski. “It’s like, vain, or, you know, men are supposed to eat steak, drink beer and chop wood, but I would say not eating for five days is manly.”

Post-holiday season is a perfect time to hop on that fruity bandwagon and start detoxing.

JUICE PRESS, various locations, including the Norma Kamali Wellness Café, 11 W. 56th St.

The regimen: Six or eight juices for $7 to $13 each, including Spicy Citrus and Green Giant, all pressed from a variety of fresh produce, to be sipped throughout the day — with no solid food in between — for three to five days.

The promise: “You will detox and repair your entire digestive system. The natural result is healing weight loss,” according to

Tried and tested: “When I started doing it, I was feeling like I had a food hangover every time I ate. For one day, drink eight juices at least. Better to have more, because if you know you have it in the fridge, you won’t get hungry. As soon as I did that, I felt so much better and lost 15 pounds [ed. note: over time and after eliminating processed foods from her regular diet]. I have a ton of energy, feel so much stronger and I don’t feel so sick when I eat.” — Norma Kamali, fashion designer


I am very excited to share my dream come true to present a collection of timeless styles under $100 available on the internet February 15th.

The styles I have chosen are not watered down versions of the OMO collection, but a collection of styles that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe. Everyone needs timeless styles jersey dresses that are a go to for family functions to school event for the kids, from work to dinner dates. Classic suiting that is not super styled but so well fitting and simply elegant that the individual components will work back to the most fashion forward styles or jeans and a tee shirt. Most of all it is a line I wear and my customers can enjoy and all the women that look at fashion skeptically especially when a budget is most important can have fun with this collection.

I am having a wonderful time working on it and I look forward to lots of feedback and special requests.

Pre-ordering on our website will be available soon. Look for the announcement. There will be a size chart so you can check for your size and if you are an OMO customer now the sized will be the same fit. I am happy to say the size range is 2-18. Suiting, jersey, and swimwear start the launch. Look for shoes and more categories to follow.

We will announce other online etailers in the near future.


Keep posted: we are clearing out our warehouse and are planning a sale. Stay tuned for the time and place. There will be many styles available but quantities are limited. Don’t miss out!


The potash - alkaline potassium compound - and other salts of the organic acids in fruits keep the body alkaline. Citric acid from organic citrus fruits when eaten, combine with alkalies in the intestinal tract, and are absorbed by the body and pass into the blood, not as acid, but as neutral salts.

Glo: organic unpasteurized grapefruit, lemon, and orange.


Capricorn is smart and sober and practical. Their style is hi low and all the best classics from jeans to quality trenches. They can put together a look that out shines everyone else simply because it isn’t shining and it is smart.

However, they are uncomfortable around excesses and will always keep reality in focus.



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